Weekend Road Trip!!

I just realized I never posted this… a little late, but an amazing weekend none the less! This was about a month ago FYI-

Hey everyone, happy Monday!  The Engineer and I just got back from an amazing little romantic weekend road trip to the coast. My mom and mother-in-law ever so bravely took the three girls to Disneyland for the weekend. I know for a fact that we had two COMPLETELY different weekends! Bless them for all that they do for us!!

So, we headed out Friday after our morning workouts (for once we weren’t fighting over timing to go – normally we have to make sure one of us is home with the Kids even if they are asleep!) First world problem.  We loaded up all our gear, road snacks and got our nerdy NPR podcasts ready for the ride.  We left about 9am and our first stop was at 9:02am.  No joke. I made him stop about 2 blocks from the house for an iced coffee!  I wanted to be a happy passenger and I needed coffee.

Our first real stop was at Casa De Fruta.  It’s a mega store of dried fruits, candy, deli sandwiches, wine, cheese and even a fun zone.  Everything is Casa de ________.   Casa de Sweets, Casa de Choo Choo. Casa de Burrito, Casa de Carousel.  I’m not kidding – it’s pretty hilarious. It’s right off the 156 at Pacheco Pass and if you are with children – this is a perfect stop.

casa de fruta


I got a little snack of crystalized ginger, jalapeno cheddar almonds and chili lime almonds

For lunch we stopped in Santa Cruz for a quick bite and beer at Santa Cruz Ale Works. I got a delicious thai wrap to eat and german style lager beer.  Perfection.

ale worksale works2

Our next stop was to Ano Nuevo State Park.  It’s right on Highway 1 about 40 minutes north of Santa Cruz.  We were basically at our destination, but we couldn’t check in for a few hours so our plan was to take a nice little hike along the water and stretch our legs before check in. We ended up walking about 2 miles and just soaking in the sun and ocean air – we tried to go further, but the 12 year old Park Ranger said there was too much “testosterone” on the trail so he turned us away.  I have no idea what he meant, but he was acting pretty serious so we didn’t push it.

ano nuevo 2

ano nuevo

We headed to the Lodge around 4pm – Costanoa was the place for those that might want to try some glamping. (No, I did not make that word up. Glamour + Camping = Glamping) We were welcomed by a nice little glass of wine and the keys to our tent.



This is it. Inside is a queen bed, 2 night stands with lamps, some hooks and a chair. No TV, no fancy pillows, no bathroom. Glamping at it’s finest.

We were able to read, take naps, sample local restaurants and exercise all on our own schedule.  It was AMAZING. We crushed some 7 miles in Butano State Park with 2,000 ft of elevation on Saturday.  My ankles felt the worst on Sunday – trail running takes so much more stability than the road.  My legs were a little sore, but I have never felt the aches I felt before in my ankles.





Sunday we sampled some of the famous Artichoke bread from the Pescadero bakery and it was delicious!  Big, whole chunks of artichokes baked right into the loaf.  It was soooo good and a perfect breakfast.  We headed back home around lunch in hopes to beat the girls home from Disneyland.  We missed our three little’s, but it sure was nice to have some quiet us time too.  This was our second time to Costanoa and I think it will be one of our regular every other year destinations.  It’s good for us and location is good for the soul.

You can’t beat the unobstructed views of the ocean, the cool breeze and red woods at your door. California livin at it’s finest.

hwy1XOXO, Blake 

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