Holiday Challenge, 2015 Race and IT Band Issues

Monday motivation

Happy Monday! It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! Today is the first day of the Holiday Sweat Challenge and it feels so good!  I started my morning off with a full body HIIT session at my favorite boot camp – Synergy! I’m so excited to have a little extra motivation to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise during the holiday season.  So far, the Facebook group is amazing, supportive and motivating! If you missed my post about the Holiday Sweat Challenge, check out my post HERE.

Holiday Sweat Challenge count down

Day one done! #holidaysweat

The sweat part of the challenge is the easiest part for me.  My workouts have been consistent – last week I made it to boot camp 5 days and then took the dog out for a nice long walk Sunday morning. I worked every part of my body and really feel that I’m getting stronger. I wanted to have an active rest day Sunday and the walk was just what I needed.  I miss the quiet of early running and walking – it’s just nice to un-plug and enjoy the season!  Our neighborhood was filled with people outside starting to decorate for Christmas and many out just exercising. It was a fabulous way to start my Sunday!

My IT Band has been flaring up the past week or so which is no bueno. I have been foam rolling the crap out of my leg and it hurts so good, but it’s just not 100%.  I’m planning on running in the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving, so let’s all send good vibes that my knee cooperates.

IT Band


The ironic thing is that my IT Band hardly ever acted up when I WAS RUNNING! Now that I’m just squatting and doing plyometrics, it’s so tight! Like every muscle ache- rest is the best and stretching after every work out!  I just hope the tightness doesn’t linger…

So, I have my first race of 2015 on the schedule!!  The Engineer and I decided to sign up for the San Francisco half marathon in July 2015!  He ran this last year and I was more than happy to spectate, but it did seem like a really fun race and who doesn’t love SF?! We are going to run the second part of the full, The Engineer ran the first half of the full course last year and so he gets some special medal this year for running the second half.  Very cool.

I’m still looking for one triathlon to add to the calendar in 2015.  My only requirements –

1. must be in California and

2. preferably in the Summer or early Fall.

I haven’t decided on distance yet, but I know I could do the Olympic training no problem.  The 70.3 distance training schedule is just so much more time consuming and with the kids being busier, I’m not sure if it’s the right fit this year!

Talk soon,



What races have you signed up for?

Best remedy for IT Issues?







My Current Workout Routine

I’m currently in the off season of triathlon training.  I actually still have one more race at the beginning of September that I signed up for, but due to a little Achilles injury back in May I took a break from running in June and most of July.  This was all under advisement of an Orthopedic doctor that diagnosed my Achilles pain as just plain overuse.  I can’t say I was surprised.  At that time, I’d been continuously training for almost a full year and had competed in 15 races in 2013-2014!  I trained smart, but the body can only take so much and I did not want to make it any worse. That being said, I have not been training for this race AT ALL and I’m ok with my decision to not compete.

Due to my Achilles, I just recently started running again and plan to build my mileage up slowly.  The biggest hurdle is to not compare my current running self to my running self last year! I am no where near the pace or distance I was last year but, that’s just how it goes with an injury. I haven’t gone longer than 3-4 miles and I’m trying to do a little Galloway method of run/walk with 4 min/1min intervals. Like I said, I’m taking it SLOW!

So, during the summer my plan was focus on building strength and preventing any more injuries and just give my brain a break from the daily training schedule. I started to follow this workout plan here from He and She Eat Clean. For a small investment, I had a 12 week program that would challenge my body in a good way and let my Achilles heal.  During race season, I only had time for a few days of core work – no added strength. This plan is all about strength and I love it.  I also moved to a new personal trainer at Synergy Fitness – I wanted someone that would focus on HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts and also help with my form if needed.  My workouts have changed completely from long and slow (HR zone 2) to build endurance to short and hard (HR zone 4) to maximize fat burn and muscle building. Greatist HIIT

I’m loving the shorter work outs and the sufferfest that goes along with them.  I can tell my body is changing and I’m defiantly getting stronger. Win! Win! Here’s a recap of my workouts this week so far:

Saturday – Arms day from She Sweats workout plan/ 20 minute cardio with 1 minute on/1mintue off sprints

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 5 min warm-up /30 min Circuit Legs from She Sweats/ 1 mile Sprints/cool down

Tuesday – Synergy Personal Training HIIT session

Wednesday – 5 min warm-up /30 min Full body Circuit/ 1 mile Sprints/cool down

Thursday – Synergy Personal Training HIIT session

I’ll probably do a circuit tomorrow from the She Sweats plan and a quick Run with the dog on Saturday.  Sunday I will rest and prep for the week!

Tell me, what’s your favorite type of workout?

How much time do you usually spend each day exercising?

Talk soon,